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Create and Strengthen Partnerships;

Dan facilitated partnership between Easton Public Schools & Bridgewater State University Pictured: President Fred Clark and BSU Leadership meeting with Easton Leadership

Deliver Results; Break Ground on Projects, like 3 Washington Place, that Strengthen and Expand our Commercial Tax Base.


When re-elected to the Board of Selectmen, my priority will be to continue to encourage economic development throughout the community.

Easton's Economic Development Council 


One of my priorities would be to encourage smart and sustainable Economic Development and investment throughout the community. With the right approach, we have an opportunity to create jobs and expand our tax base that, in turn, will allow the Town to reinvest in our schools, fire, and police and other priorities that enhance our quality of life. If we continue to invest in our infrastructure and build on the great work that is already being done, we can expand our reach into the technology, green, and creative sectors.
The Economic Development Council is committed to strengthening our local business climate and focusing on business recruitment and retention. This Council will take an active role as a liaison to the business community and Town Hall. If a business owner is experiencing obstacles along the way to opening a business, then I expect this Council to step in and cut the red tape.

Support Public Safety & Municipal Services


My commitment to supporting Public Safety & Quality Municipal Services will be promoted through action. I firmly believe by taking a proactive approach to expanding our commercial tax base we will put ourselves in a position to continue to receive Quality Municipal Services including Police, Fire, and Public Works. We all share a desire to have a fully funded Police Department, Fire Department, and Public Works - Lets work together and get the job done!


Economic Development: Expansion of our Commercial Tax Base

Supporting Public Safety & Municipal Services

Fiscal Restraint with Respect for the Taxpayer

Investing in Technology and Innovation for Schools & Municipal Services 

Preserving Open Space & our History

Fiscal Restraint with Respect for the Taxpayer


I pledge to use fiscal restraint with respect for our tax dollars. Like you, I want to live in an affordable high quality community that we can raise and educate our children and enjoy into our retirement.           To achieve this, we must focus on the challenges we face,  including our aging infrastructure. I believe that supporting initiatives that leverage state aid and private funding for infrastructure upgrades is an approach worthy of our consideration as we move forward.  


Investing in Technology and Innovation for Schools & Municipal Services


​By investing in technology our great teachers will have the tools they need to educate our children and put them in a position to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and beyond. I am committed to supporting these initiatives that put our young people in a position to succeed. 

Easton must also continue to invest in technologies such as the Geographical Informational System proposed by the Director of Public Works. 

Preserving Open Space & our History


Respect for the environment and our history will guide my decisions. We will continue to be leaders in environmental stewardship all while supporting our commitment to responsible development with an entrepreneurial vision. We must never lose sight of the way we do business as it affects the communities we build for our future generations.

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